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Weather Chau Doc

Vietnam (An Giang province)

Tomorrow's weather

On tomorrow in Chau Doc, the weather will become more uncertain during the day.
Temperatures will vary between 24 and 30°C.

The reliability of the situation is relatively good.


Clearing, with a tendency to storms
24° Feels Like 27°
N 10 km/h Gust 15 km/h
Clearing but with a continued risk of thunder.
Risk of showers.
Risk of rain 30 %


Sky clouding over
24° Feels Like 26°
N 15 km/h Gust 30 km/h
Unsettled weather becoming very cloudy.
No risk of rain


Showers or intermittent rain
30° Feels Like 36°
NE 15 km/h Gust 35 km/h
Very cloudy sky with short sunny periods.
Showers falling at the end of the afternoon.
Risk of rain 60 %


Rain or stormy rain
25° Feels Like 29°
Calm Gust 15 km/h
Thunderstorms developing.
A few heavy showers.
Risk of rain 75 %


Overcast and misty
24° Feels Like 28°
Calm Gust 10 km/h
High humidity: cloudy with a risk of fog.
Risk of showers at the start of the night.
Risk of rain 30 %

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