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Weather Dongshan

China (Yunnan)
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Today's Forecast

Beau temps bien ensoleillé. Les températures minimales ne sont pas trop élevées, permettant d'aérer les habitations avant la chaleur du jour.

This morning

Fog at first, sunny later
15° Feels Like 15°
Fog clearing slowly, followed by sunny periods.
Aucun risque de pluie

This afternoon

Alternating sunshine and cloud
24° Feels Like 31°
SO 10 km/h
Sunny periods and passing clouds, sometimes heavy.
Aucun risque de pluie

This evening

Showers or developing rain
19° Feels Like 17°
S 10 km/h
Good clear weather becoming unsettled.
Showers falling at the end of the evening.
Risk of rain 30 %


Slightly cloudy
16° Feels Like 16°
Good weather with few clouds.
Aucun risque de pluie

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